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High Level Tianchen Machines Work Well in Korea

07, 2020


5 sets of Tianchen advanced machines reached in Korea clients factory in June. Now all the machines are working very well, the client is happy with Tianchen Aluminium machines high production efficiency and accuracy.


Automatic Cutting Saw Center in Korea clients Factory

Among these machines, the auotomatic cutting saw center and automatic corner crimping production line both are very high-end automatic machines, perfect processing facility for making mass production. Currently they are very popular in the market. 


Automatic Corner Crimping Machine Line in Korea clients Factory

Especially in current COVID-19 epidemic situation, more and more window door manufacturers are focusing on getting automatic aluminium machines to save their manpower cost and to improve their production capacity, which is becoming a necessary development trend.



Korea client is operating machine

As in this epidemic situation Tianchen engineer cant go abroad, these machines were installed and commissioned by the client himself, which means Tianchen machines’ high accuracy and relialble quality.

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