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Create a good performance again Tianchen MES system is about to

08, 2020



On August 13, 2020, the 26th aluminum doors and windows curtain wall new products Expo was held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Hall.



This is a grand feast of brands. Tianchen Co., Ltd. is naturally well prepared to present its latest high-end intelligent equipment and Tianchen MES system. On the first day of its development, Tianchen shares proved the charm of the brand with its booming popularity, becoming a shining star in the new products Expo of aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls, which perfectly proved what "starts with beauty and falls into talent"!



With its excellent brand strength and influence, Tianchen Co., Ltd. again won the "star product of the year award" and "preferred brand of processing equipment" award.



The exhibition will last for 3 days from August 13 to August 15. The 2c16 booth of Tianchen Co., Ltd. is full of people, and the exhibition site has attracted a lot of people flow and attention. Tianchen MES system and production line are more and more popular, and people come to visit and consult.











As the first listed company of door and window curtain wall processing equipment in China, Tianchen Co., Ltd. always adheres to continuous innovation in development and upgrading in breakthrough. It takes innovation as the core driving force, takes displaying the most cutting-edge equipment and technology as its own responsibility, and actively grasps the opportunities and challenges of the market.
In this exhibition, the mes-tci system displayed by Tianchen is not only a transformation of technology application, but also the subversion of traditional manufacturing mode and the development of new application mode. The new generation of door and window MES system, combined with Tianchen remote operation and maintenance service platform, intelligent production scheduling, logistics management and control, replacing people with machines, can predict faults in advance, realize remote diagnosis and troubleshooting, and solve problems, and improve product technology and management process by intelligent manufacturing of automatic production line.

In the future, Tianchen will continue to innovate product design concepts, improve product categories, closely follow the trend of China and even the world aluminum door and window curtain wall industry, and create more advanced high-end intelligent equipment.




Thank you for your attention and support to Tianchen over the years!
I wish Tianchen a complete success in this exhibition!

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